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Amazon Tracking Bookmarklet

A simple bookmarklet for Earners to send Amazon tracking numbers to Purse.

This was developed due to changes with how Amazon presents tracking information.

Visit our support docs for more info.

How to

  1. Simply drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Get Tracking Number
  2. When viewing an amazon tracking page, click the bookmarklet and it will grab the tracking number and automatically assign it to the corresponding purse order.

Video instructions


Manual Installation Method

If you’re unable to drag the bookmarklet link to install(For instance, if you’re installing on a mobile browser), then you can manually create a bookmark with the following code. This is a slightly more advanced way to install a bookmarklet, but with the help of the tutorials below you should be able to get it working easy enough:

Some example tutorials can be found here:

Source Code

You can review the Source Code for this bookmarklet here:

Script Blockers

If you run a script blocker (like umatrix) then you’ll need to allow this script (from to run on in order for the bookmarklet to work. otherwise, you will need to hack up your own bookmarklet from the source code. but keep in mind if you go this route, then you’ll need to manually apply any updates if we ( make changes or improvements to the bookmarklet.